Intramural Program Please read

Intramural Program

Please read the program description below before contacting your age group coordinator...
1.Registration includes professional training by Coastal Soccer on Saturday mornings.
2.All games are played on Sundays at Signal Hill Elementary School.
3.All children should be at their field 15 minutes before their start time.
4.All games will end on time, regardless of their start time.
5.NO illegal parking!! Do not make up your own spaces. The school district is very sensitive (rightfully so) to the misuse of the facilities.
6.NO dogs are allowed at the field at all!!
7.First games of the day, parents must arrive earlier and help set up the fields. HBC is run on volunteers and parents must do their part to support. Goals must be carried to the fields, so not drag them across the fields. Sandbags must be placed on the backside of the goals. Corner flags should be placed in the corners of the field. Children CANNOT help with the goals.
8.Last games of the day, parents must carry the goals and sandbags back to the tree line. Please be sure the goals closest to the tree line are pushed back off the field so the school can cut the grass and the fields can properly be lined. Goals need to be lined up mouth to mouth so they can easily be locked and secured. Flags must be brought back and placed in front of the storage lock box.
9.All teams must be on one side of the field and all parents on the opposite side. Parents are not allowed behind the goals.
10.Parents are encouraged to cheer and support their children, BUT PLEASE leaving the instruction and coaching to the coaches. Mixed direction to children at this age will impact their development.
11.The intramural program has a ZERO tolerance policy when it comes to our referees. They are kids, they will make mistakes. Remember this is intramurals, scores do not matter.
12.Games – No more players are allowed on the field for any reason then what is listed below.
a.U5 play 4 v 4 Coaches are allowed on the field to help provide direction.
b.U6 play 5v 5 Coaches are NOT allowed on the field.
c.U7 and U8 play 5 v 5.
13.Each player must wear cleats and shin guards. Shin guards must be worn under the socks. No jewelry or hooded sweatshirts can be worn during the game. No glasses or sunglasses can be worn either, only sport goggles.
14.Remember, HBC is run by volunteers!! Please make sure you keep the fields clean and remove all garbage from the school field. We all must help to give our children the best experience possible.



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