When your team plays the first game of the day on the field:

1. Roll each goal from off the field to the end line making sure to center the goal on the field and secure the goal by making sure the wheels are up and sand bags placed
2. Get a set of corner flags from outside the clubhouse and place them on the field
3. Get a garbage can for each sideline (make sure a plastic bag is inside the can) and place the cans a few yards off the field at the center stripe
Every team playing a game at the park should:
1. Check the goals again to make sure the wheels are up
2. Check the garbage can liners to make sure they are secure
3. Clean up any garbage left on the sidelines and place them in the cans
When your team plays the last game of the day on a field:
1. Roll each goal off the field approximately 5 yards and then make sure the wheels are DOWN
2. Collect the corner flags from the field and lay them outside the clubhouse door
3. Take the garbage cans from the field. Remove the plastic liner with the garbage and throw it in the dumpster (located in the parking lot behind the clubhouse). Place the empty garbage can by the clubhouse door
A master schedule is emailed each week however, there are sometimes changes to the schedule. Bill Rudy and Jim Neuburger will always have the most up to date listing. If you are unsure if you are the first or last game of the day, call one of them to confirm.
Do not change fields from what has been assigned to you. If told the field you are to play on is unplayable call and find out if any field is available. Remember if another field is not in use at the time do not take it upon your self to move the game. Call 516-375-5692 first. This needs to be followed no excuses!!!
If emergency/medical injury occurs on the fields and you need an a EMT on site call 911. You are at Half Hollow Park at 212 Old South Path, Melville NY 11747. 
You MUST call the club President and provide a report about the incident after the game
1. No cars are allowed to park in the circle or in the roadway near Field #10. It is the responsibility of each coach to notify the parents on their team about this rule. The circle must be kept free of cars in order to allow safety and emergency vehicles, access to the fields should the need arise. Although it is not posted as such, the area has been painted in yellow to indicate that it is a no parking zone. Common sense would dictate that no one park there.
2. Unfortunately, the majority of people who violate this rule are from within our own club. This area will be visually monitored throughout the weekends that the facility is in use. If we confirm that the violator is a member of any HBC team, the following fines will be levied on that team:

First offense...$100
Second offense...$200
Third offense...Coach will be suspended

We will not engage in any further discussion about this. We will not ask the parents to move their vehicles. We will not argue, discuss or debate. We will simple remove the fine from the teams bond money, notify the team that the bond must be re-plenished and that will be that.
There are NO PETS ALLOWED in Half Hollow Park. Advise your parents as well as your opponents!!



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