Please review and become familiar with the EAP.
In the event of an emergency at either Soccer Park or Signal Hill Elementary School soccer fields the EAP must be implemented immediately.
If any player, parent, coach, referee or spectator collapses on the fields it is to be presumed that a Cardiac Arrest Emergency has occurred until proven different. Do not waste time to “see what happens”. An immediate call to 911 must be placed.
If you are at Soccer Park, the address is, Old South Path, nearest intersection is Half Hollow Rd. in the Town of Melville. The Melville Fire Department will respond with Advanced Life Support. Stay on the phone until the operator hangs up.
If you are at Signal Hill School, the address is Caledonia Road, nearest intersection is Wolf Hill Road, in the town of Dix Hills. The Dix Hills Fire Department will respond with Advanced Life Support.
Immediately take one of the linesperson flags, if readily available and have a non-rescue trained adult go to the gate to “Flag” the ambulance. The first responder is likely to be a Police Officer or Chief, direct them to the patient but remain at the gate for further responders. Have another non-rescue trained adult take the second flag and stand in the parking lot where the ambulance will enter the field. There should be a cut in the curb for this. If the emergency occurs on the field all play must stop and all children and non essential personnel removed from the play area. The coach must verify and confirm that the 911 system has been activated.
Try to find the most capable bystander to render aid. This may be a physician, nurse, E.M.T., Paramedic, Trainer, Firefighter, Police Officer or simple a lay person trained in CPR. Do not assume that the first person to help is the most qualified. Use the best available resources. If the emergency proves to be less than original believed you can have the same person call 911 back and give an update of the emergency. You will not be able to cancel the call nor should you try to.
Only after the person has been removed from the field of play may the game be allowed to resume.
A report must be submitted to the Club immediately by phone and in writing as soon as possible.
In the event that the emergency is not life threaten but aid is needed the same Actions should be followed and the most accurate description of the emergency given to the 911 operator. Do not attempt to move the person unless a qualified health care provider can determine that this can be done without causing further injury. During inclement weather the patient must be protected from the elements and kept warm by using blankets. Do not attempt to cover someone who appears to have collapse duo to hot weather and may be suffering from heat emergency. DO NO HARM.



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